CEC see’s sustainable design as a triple win: good for business, people and the planet. Since our inception CEC has considered how decisions made today affect our lives tomorrow.

We approach every project assignment as an opportunity to enhance building, organizational, human and environmental performance — the core goals of sustainable design. We provide clients with an integrated set of services, including sustainable strategy, planning and design; real estate portfolio analysis; and sustainability guidelines.

The answer to reducing your environmental footprint is a respectable and constant effort and strong corporate will. Designing, building and setting up Eco conscious data centers is quickly becoming standard as the adoption of Eco-friendly and greener data centers becomes more important in today's society. The need for environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility has made it more than necessary to pay attention to such initiatives.

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Effective Green Data Center ideas

Become conscious of the environmental impact of your data center

It is essential to assess your corporate data center's electrical consumption usage, how energy is sourced and what are its distribution channels in your company. This would aid in creating a guide map for examining and cutting down energy usage. The opening power inspection can provide a starting point for shaping your Return On Investment once the changes are made.

Reconsider your company data electrical surplus

It's not uncommon for off-site hosting companies and data centers to spend a great deal on uncalled-for heating and cooling procedures. Unnecessary heating & cooling frequently use up to double the power required. Superfluous circuits use twice the energy for each kilowatt of energy needed. The objective is to have a backup for peak time performance and reduce the load when the demand is less. Reducing these redundancies can have an immediate impact on cutting your energy usage, and help your cost cutting.

Virtual Storage Practices

Oftentimes computer servers are weighed down with unused software and archival data which are rarely opened. Making use of storage virtualization allows you to reduce non used servers and enjoy mobility of programs. It gets simpler to redirect information or change the path of the applications to desired locales without loss of efficiency.

Uncover unconventional power sources

It's important to explore alternative power resources to stay green for your data center. Installing solar panels on rooftops is a good way to lessen your reliance on power grids. Heat pumps, wind power, evaporating cooling technologies along with other systems are increasingly becoming less costly to make available alternative energy sources a reality.

Recycle or donate older legacy servers

Did you try to phase out your legacy machines and buy new ones with energy efficiency ratings? If not then do it now! Provide them to non-profits and/or charity's. Another option is to take them to a computer recycling company who pull out useful parts and dispose of toxic materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

Embrace Energy Star rated appliances

Even though the EPA strives to make available energy star standards for data servers, adding cooling apparatus even for energy star rated equipment is a good practice. Energy Star-rated desktops are also standard today.