Financial Services

Fortune 100 Financial Service Data Centers

Financial Institution Private Label Credit Card Services – 150,000 SQFT

Dayton, Ohio

Project managed and designed two 150,000 square foot call
centers. Project construction period is approximately 14

Financial Services Check Processing Center – 4,000 KW

Westerville, Ohio

Project managed and designed 280,000 square foot bank operations center.
Project includes 4,000 KW standby power generators and 1500 KVA UPS.
Project construction is approximately 11 months.

Standby Power Generation: 4,000 KW

UPS Power: 1500KVA

Financial Institution Commercial Banking Remode1 – 78,000 SQFT

Columbus, OH

Designed approximately 78,000 Square feet of commercial banking

Financial Services Data Center – 2,700 KW

Westerville, Ohio

Designed the replacement of existing UPS system in a live data

Standby Power Generation: 2700 KW

UPS Power: 1500 KVA

Financial Services Call Center – 6,000 KW

Columbus, Ohio

Designed the new UPS and Generator systems to support four call center

Standby Power Generation: 6000 KW

UPS Power: 2000 KVA

Financial Services Call Center – UPS 3,000 KVA

Columbus, Ohio

Designed the new systems to support Statement Processing (370).

Standby Power Generation: Existing

UPS Power: 3000 KVA

Financial Institution Regional Center – MEP Design

Huntington, WV

Designed and managed the MEP design the restacking of this facility. The facility
consisted of 4 floors of space, reconfigure to a multi-tenant space. Project
includes design of the main entrance, lighting and HVAC systems .

Financial Institution Check Processing Center – 150 KVA UPS

Brecksville, Ohio

Designed a new 150 KVA UPS system to replace a failing UPS system.
The New UPS system supports the entire check processing equipment.

Financial Institution Commercial Banking Remodel – 6,000 SQFT

Kalamazoo, MI

Designed approximately 6000 Square feet of commercial banking space.